Welcome to Barn Quilts of Lafayette County!

Are you looking for a stocking stuffer or $5 exchange gift for Christmas? We have sets of 4 note cards with pictures of our barn quilts on the front for sale for $5.00 plus shipping. The packages have assorted 4x6" pictures on note card stock with envelopes. The inside of the note card is blank so that it can be used for any type of event and any time of the year. Money from the sale of the note cards will be used for the purchase of brochures to promote our project.

Barn quilt pictures included in the packages MAY include any of the following: Autumn Tints, Bats in the Belfry, Bear Paw, Carpenter's Square, Farmer's Daughter at Twilight, Good Tracks, Farmer's Daughter, Hip Hop, Jane's Moon in Star, Log Cabin, Norwegian Flag, Rising Sun, Stars in Flight, Swiss Family Ubersox, Windmill Star and Wisconsin Star. The note cards can be purchased at the Pins and Pieces Quilt Shop in Darlington, Hidden Quilts in Platteville, by calling 563-320-7299 or by emailing barnquiltswisconsin@yahoo.com. Just $5 for a set of 4 note cards - what a deal!

So what are Barn Quilts? Quilts are a symbol of the heritage of our rural county. Quilts provided not only warmth and comfort, but a social opportunity and artistic outlet for generations. Barns are recognized as rural assets and traditional farm architecture. Barn quilts intertwine two historic threads of our rural heritage. When quilt designs are painted on an 8' x 8' piece of plywood and hung on a barn, they're enjoyed by everyone who drives by and they carve new trails for rural tourism. What better way to celebrate the culture and history of Lafayette County than to bring community members and families together to create their own Barn Quilts!

We are confident that these barn quilts enhance the sense of community pride felt by all Lafayette County residents. At the same time, our project serves to attract visitors from other areas of the state and country into our rich farmland, to “go barn storming” and take advantage of the beautiful scenery, wonderful restaurants, specialty shops, and other amenities our county has to offer. And we will be a part of Donna Sue Grove’s long range hopes to create a "National Clothesline of Quilts" stretching across the nation.

Simply put: Barn quilts are folk art for us to enjoy 24/7. Drive around and enjoy 0 you never know when one will appear! And please check out our website often as we are adding new barn quilts and links to it all the time.